【#1】耳に効くレシピ/ 酸辣湯

Carefree Home Cooking and Music


Food is the most fundamental activity that shapes a person’s mind and body. Above all, cooking is a typical act of expressing everyday life. As you cook, you will find the fun of moving your hands and the comfort of being indifferent. All of the dishes I’m going to make are home-cooked dishes. Also, if there is music there, there is nothing to say, so I made a playlist that is perfect for relaxing and listening during the day or at night! Don’t you think it’s a great time to cook delicious food while enjoying music? It’s an easy recipe, so why not give it a try?

Hot and Sour Soup



材料・4人分 Ingredients 4servings

  • にんじん 1本                  1 carrot
  • しいたけ 2本                  2 shiitake mushrooms
  • きくらげ 3g                    Kikurage 3g
  • ねぎ   1本                    1 green onion
  • 絹豆腐 1/2丁                  Silk tofu 1/2 chome
  • 卵   1個                        1 egg
  • 水                     800cc            Water 800cc
  • ウェイパー(中華用調味料)大さじ11 tablespoon of  waper(seasoning for Chinese food)
  • しょうゆ 大さじ1              1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 酒 大さじ2                           2 tablespoon of sake 
  • 黒酢 大さじ4                       4 tablespoon of black vinegar
  • 片栗粉 大さじ1                    1 tablespoon of potato starch
  • 塩・黒胡椒・ラー油 適量    Appropriate amount of salt,black pepper and chili oil

作り方  Instructions

  1. ❶にんじんは長さ5cm位の斜め薄切りに。豆腐は1cm幅の細切りにします。しいたけは細切りし、きくらげはお湯でもどしたあと細かく切る。
  2. ❷強火で水を熱し、ウェイパーを加える。煮立ったら中火にしてにんじん、きくらげ、しいたけを加える。
  3. ❸煮立ったら、酒、しょうゆを加えて塩と黒胡椒で味を整える。黒胡椒を多めにするのがポイント。
  4. ❹火を弱めて、水溶きかたくりを加えて火を強めとろみをつけたら卵を入れる。豆腐を加えてお鍋をゆするようになじませると具材が崩れず仕上がる。最後に黒酢を加えて一度煮立たせる。器に入れたらラー油とネギをのせて出来上がり 🍲


  • ❶ Cut carrots into thin slices with a length of about 5 cm. Cut the tofu into 1 cm wide pieces. Cut the shiitake mushrooms into small pieces, and rehydrate the wood ear mushrooms with hot water and then cut them into small pieces.
  • ❷ Heat the water over high heat and add the waper. After boiling, reduce to medium heat and add carrots, wood ear mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.
  • ❸ After boiling, add sake and soy sauce and season with salt and black pepper. The point is to add a lot of black pepper.
  • ❹ Reduce the heat, add water-soluble cod roe to increase the heat and thicken, then add the eggs. Add tofu and let it blend in like shaking the pot, and the ingredients will not crumble and will be finished. Finally, add black vinegar and boil once. Put it in a bowl and put the chili oil and green onions on it and it’s done 🍲
  • The point is ❸ to add more black pepper. The other is ❹ After adding black vinegar, let it boil for a while to remove the sundere of vinegar.



The Perfect Playlist to Listen to While Cooking


70年代のソウルやR&BはHipHopの元ネタになっているものが数多い。地元豊島園のHip Hopを中心に扱うレコード屋BBQさんはソウルやR&Bも充実している。「ジャケットのカッコいいヤツあります?」というボクの粗暴な問いにBBQさんはいつも真摯に向き合ってくれる。そして今まで知らなかった曲と出会う。

8曲目の「Want Ads」はそのひとつ。Honey Coneの69年の曲でBBQさんで7インチを買って持っている。Spotifyでは見当たらなかったからSodaMachineのカバーを入れた。でもやっぱりyoutubeでHoney coneのを聞いてみて。 

Cooking is not just about eating. As you cook, you will find the fun of moving your hands and the comfort of being indifferent. And if there is music there, there is nothing to say! This playlist is centered around 70’s soul and R & B female artists who are perfect for relaxing and listening in the spring sunshine.

Many of the 70’s soul and R & B are the source of Hip Hop. BBQ, a record shop that mainly handles Hip Hop in the local Toshimaen, has a lot of soul and R & B. BBQ always takes a serious approach to my rough question, “Is there a cool guy in the jacket?” And I meet a song I didn’t know before.

The eighth song “Want Ads” is one of them. I bought a 7 inch song from BBQ for Honey Cone’s ’69 song. I couldn’t find it on Spotify, so I put in a cover for Soda Machine. But after all, listen to Honey cone on youtube.







BBQ Records(@bbqrecords.jp)がシェアした投稿







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